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Chucky Phone Number Call. Calling numbers you should never call! *fake phone call chucky doll real phone number.

Chucky and the phone. YouTube from

On record we show 2 phone numbers associated with chucky in. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Chucky phone call prank 102.7m views.

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Chucky's number is 0888 888 888 the killer number or he'll appear in sadako's phone number sometimes 090 4444 4444 or his phone number is 900 782 9012. Calling some scary haunted phone numbers. A common misdial for this one goes to a real person’s phone number.

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So you guys really wanted me to call the lost doll number. This app is only for joking. | so i will be calling it when i reach 1000 followers :).

Access Gallery And Chose Picture Of Your Own Choice Like (Fake Call Kitten Joke, Fake Call Chucky Doll Joke, Fake Call Joke, Fake Call Girlfriend Joke, Fake Calls Joke, Fake Call From Killer Chucky).

Calling chucky doll *omg he actually answered* disclaimer this is just a skit for entertainment :)my calling creepy phone. Jun 29, 2017 #2 i guess you better ask chucky for it. Calling numbers you should never call!

Chucky Phone Call Prank 102.7M Views.

This app is just for fun. Chucky phone call prank 102.7m views. Open the app and choose from the menu fake call, then write your name of chucky and the number.

Start Date Jun 27, 2017;

They say that anyone who calls the number will die within a week in some type of accident. It’s the lack of context that makes what you hear when you call the number kind of unsettling. In japan, the number 4 (shi) sounds like the word for “death” (shi).

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